Milton Keynes Bed and Breakfasts

Welcome to Milton Keynes Bed and Breakfasts. Milton Keynes is one of those rare feats of modern social engineering in that it has created a highly successful living and working environment that has thrived since it's inception in the 60s.

Built to encompass the existing towns of Bletchley, Wolverton and Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes is situated in the north of Buckinghamshire in the South East Region of England. We present here a selection of Milton Keynes bed and breakfasts for visitors to the area.

The idea behind the construction of this most famous new town is to create a modern living space to ease the congested and inadequate living conditions of residents in some of the adjacent cities. It is no accident then that Milton Keynes is a similar and accessible distance from London, Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge.

Although Milton Keynes is a triumph of planning and modernity it is misleading to think of it purely in terms of concrete and roundabouts. Due consideration was given to making a diversity of housing, and the green spaces and leisure facilities expected from contemporary living.

Milton Keynes urban area has over 20 million trees, a canal waterway, extensive cycle way, and many different styles of gardens and other spaces for community gatherings. Similarly, arts and culture are strong in Milton Keynes defying it's new town image.

The open air National Bowl is a popular venue for large scale concerts and rate of bookings at the Milton Keynes Theatre defines it as Britain's most popular theatre. Adjacent to the theatre is the Municipal Art Gallery and the town has two further museums.

There are some significant music venues in Milton Keynes. In addition to the National Bowl, The Stables, in Wavendon hosts jazz, blues, folk, and rock nights and the Pitz Club in the Woughton Centre, Leadenhall is noted for sounds of a much harder edge.

Whether your stay in Milton Keynes is for business or pleasure our list of Milton Keynes bed and breakfasts will offer the best in accommodation and a hearty breakfast to set you up for the days activities.